Reporting Spam to GMail, Hotmail & Yahoo!

We don’t stop the big free-mail systems from delivering mail to us, because so many legitimate folks with whom we like corresponding have accounts there. But those places sure are crazy sources of junk mail, aren’t they? Yeah, it drives us nuts, too.

However, you – yes you – have the power to report abusers and spammers to GMail (Google), Hotmail/Windows Live, and Yahoo! all on your own. It’s true: You can help make life difficult for abusers and spammers. Click on any of the links below, and you’ll instantly be whisked to their sites, where you can provide them with the information they need to put abusers and spammers out of business:




Keep in mind that you’ll be asked to provide the full Internet message headers, plus the complete body, from the junk mail. Different email programs handle viewing that data differently, but all of them, even WebMail, let you get at that information.

Now go and make the world a better place!